Install RingCentral C# SDK

This tutorial demonstrates how to create a new project and install the latest RingCentral C# SDK.

As the video demonstrated, the recommended way is to install RingCentral SDK is via NuGet:

Install-Package RingCentralSDK -Pre

We installed the prerelease version (-Pre). This is because the prerelease version contains incompatible major changes to the stable release. We want to stay on the cutting edge.

As soon as we release RingCentral C# SDK 1.0.0, you will be recommended to install the stable release instead. Please keep this in your mind.

We added a line of code to the C# project:

private RingCentral.SDK.Platform platform = null;

The code above compiled successfully, which proved that we have installed the RingCentral C# SDK via NuGet successfully.